About Aernova

Aernova Aerospace Industries S.p.A (the "Aernova" or "AAI") is the global leading manufacturer of aero piston engines and the provider of advanced aeronautical technology of power. Founded in 1986 and with headquarters located in Forli’ Italy, Aernova has built production bases and R&D centers both in Forli, Italy and Binhai District of Weifang, China.

Devoted to the providing a complete set of power assembly solutions for industrial-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Aernova's current business is mainly defined as three parts: aero engine development, integrated solutions for aero engine application, as well as technological development and services ofaero engine .

Looking to the future, Aernova is willing to work with people of insight from all walks of life, hand in hand to create a better future!

Aero Engines

1.Resolution to Engines Application
As a series of intelligentized piston engines, our aero engines are mainly equipped for the types of industrial-grade UAVs with high-power. The Multiavio ® series aero engines currently being developed by Aernova covers the power range from 100hp to 1,000hp, which can save the fuel to more than 40% and improve the comprehensive performance by more than 50% compared with the traditional ones.
3.AAI News
Aernova can be entrusted by other enterprises to accomplish the technological development of aircraft power, such as to meet customer's personalized demand about the product and to optimize combinations of power propulsion system, etc.

AAI News

Report meeting of Aernova Aero engine Project by the Administration Committee of Binhai, Weifang

On the morning of 10th July, 2018, in Conference Room 818, Future Building, Binhai New District, Weifang, the Administrative Committee of Binhai District held a report meeting of Aernova Aero engine Project in Conference Room 818 of Future Building, Binhai District, Weifang City.>>Understand more