Successful Technical Exchange Meeting Held by Aernova and Chengdu Probe

From 7th to 8th July, 2018, Aernova and Chengdu Probe successfully held a technical exchange meeting in Probe’s meeting room located in Haolang Science Park, Chengdu. The participants included Liu Fengliang (Executive Director of Zhongyou Aviation), Zhou Wangqin (Chairman of Aernova Italy), Giunchi (CEO and Cheif Scientist of Aernova Italy), Gianmichele (Chief Engineer of Aernova Italy), Fu Xizhi (Representative of China in Aernova Italy), Wang Xiaojun (General Manager of Probe), Qi Baimng (Director of Helicopter Department in Probe), He Bin (Director of Fixed Wing Department in Probe) and so forth.

At the meeting, the two sides made relevant discussions on the aero engine parameters of some aircraft models studied by Probe, as well as the principles, structural arrangement and model applications of hybrid-power aero engines. The two sides reached a consensus on further technical exchanges in the future, and after the meeting personnel of both sides visited Probe’s workshops, some models and dynamic test stands.

In addition, Wang Xiaojun (General Manager of Probe) showed the participants around Chengdu Zheng Heng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a professional engine block R & D manufacturer, which broadened Aernova’s horizons for technology upgrading and development.